Flu/ Pneumonia Shots

Get a Flu/ Pneumonia Shot - To Protect Someone Else.

If you could take one simple step once a year that could prevent harm from coming to an infant, pregnant woman or elderly person, would you? You can by getting your annual flu vaccination. Influenza puts more than 200,000 Americans in the hospital each year, and for some, it is a life-threatening or even fatal illness. In Tennessee, it’s not uncommon for two to three children to die annually from flu.

After your flu vaccination, it’s still important to practice good health habits to protect yourself from the flu and other winter viruses, and to prevent spreading them to others if you do get sick. Good health habits include frequent hand washing with soapy water or use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and covering coughs and sneezes with a sleeve or tissue. People who are sick should stay home if at all possible to recover to prevent spreading illness to coworkers, friends and others.

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We would like to note that we are able to provide childhood vaccines including Flu Shots.

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